Camp DIY


A Burning Man Place to Celebrate the Desire to Do It Yourself!

Camp DIY

Plans 2012

If Placement Application is approved, we will be:

A theme camp. Called Camp DIY Our camp’s data will be listed publicaly. Which may include, but not necessarily be limited to:

  • Black Rock City Printed Map
  • Burning Man Website
  • Playa Info Directory found at Playa Info in Center Camp
  • Burning Man API (which allows artists and developers to create their own applications with publicly available data).

Our Listing information may include:

  • camp name
  • camp placement
  • dimensions
  • public URL
  • number of campers
  • text for website listing
  • contact name,
  • city,
  • state
  • country
  • public email – optional.

We will need to submit Camp description for the website:

  1.  Which needs to be two sentences. Remember, this is our voice to the world. Please consider this when submitting.
  2. The correct URL; any future changes to the web address will be difficult.
  3. All submissions will be reviewed and may be edited.
  4. After your submission it will take about two weeks for the description to appear on the site.

Our camp hometown will probably be listed as San Diego, although I will look for other ways of phrasing this.

Our url is

I will set up a public email called

We  have no Vendor Deliveries planned.

All members will agree to take the Leave No Trace Plan and Pledge.

We are seeking a leave No Trace and Greening leader, however, if no one volunteers, Brenda and Kevin will be the lead contact.

Look up more information here:

As a camp we will:

  • Create a detailed strategy or plan for Leaving NO Trace” ractice the 5 R’s: Rethink, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Restore and Respect. Keep smelling garbage away from recyclables in BRC. Clean As We Go and Keep It From Hitting the Ground.
  • Adopt the seven principles and practices of Leave No Trace at Burning Man.
  • Educate all camp members about minimizing our impact on the playa, so that my LNT crew can relax during the event knowing Conserve energy, use renewable energy sources and minimize waste.
  • Collect, reduce and properly dispose of grey water.
  • Use or creatively use discarded materials for all the components of our camp structure and decorations, so that our camp is sustainable year after year.
  • Bring tools to rake, magnetic rake, sweep and pick up every last nail and wood shard that dropped on the playa surface so that I leave my space and my surrounding spaces better than I found them
  • Follow the rule of thumb for line sweeps – performing required multiple sweeps of our camp before leaving BRC. (One sweep is not enough. Do as many passes as necessary: the strength of the line sweep is in the number of people and passes.)
  • Organize neighborhood MOOP sweeps. (Joining with neighboring camps and sweeping an entire block together is the best insurance against MOOP hot spots, bringing your own MOOP scores down.)
  • Secure all vehicles’ loads to prevent windblown trash on the highway and in neighboring communities.

We have no plans to Install an art project or to burn a project.

However,  in the interest of safety we provide the Burning Man’s guidelines regading fire here:

Burning Questions – Flame Classifications

We are providing fire safety information to all camps, even those who indicated they are not having art, fire, or flame effects in their camp at the time of filing the placement questionnaire. Too much information about fire safety is better than too little, and maybe your plans will change? If so, please contact and we will put you in touch with our fire safety team.

Please read the following Flame Classification Definitions carefully and choose the category that best describes the type of fire used in your installation , before answering the questions that follow.

Answering yes to any of the following questions requires that you read and agree to the associated guidelines found in the Fire Safety Agreement section of this questionnaire.

Any artwork that incorporates flames that are automated, switched, pressurized or having any other action than simply being lit on fire. This includes projects that use propane or liquid fuels.

DIFFERENT LEVELS OF OPEN FIRE will require different safety procedures.

LEVEL ONE – Art installation when fully engulfed in flames, produces a tremendous amount of heat, and requires a Burn Shield Platform.  This burn may or may not require a safety perimeter. Ranger support may or may not be needed.  A burn laminate WILL be required for this level.

LEVEL TWO (Small Enclosed Fire) Candles, torches, lanterns, fire barrels, raised container – Precautions must be taken to make sure that anything that should not be set on fire is kept away from flame. For example: fabric, sets, etc. that should not be burned.  As long as all fire is kept within an enclosed vessel there is no need for a Burn Shield Platform or a Laminate.

LEVEL THREE – Art installation created in one location and is moved to an approved Burn Shield Platform for burning. The artwork could be burned on the Man platform after the Man has fallen OR at one of the public burn platforms along the Esplanade, depending on the most favorable schedule. A burn laminate will not be needed for this level.

Burning Man’s definition of pyrotechnics includes any explosives, projectiles or fireworks.


Absolutely NO DISPLAY [1.3G CLASS B, UN0335] FIREWORKS (Professional Fireworks) Or Higher Will Be Permitted At Any Art Installation Or Performance.

Please indicate all of the types of flame classifications, according to the definitions above, your project will incorporate:

Primary Flame Type

Please indicate the primary flame type (i.e. to be used for the most time during the event) that your artwork will incorporate, according to the flame classification definitions above:

Secondary Flame Type

Please indicate the secondary flame type (i.e. to be used for the second most often during the event) that your artwork will incorporate, according to the flame classification definitions above:
Tertiary Flame Type *This question is required. Save and continue if you need to return at another time.
Please indicate the tertiary flame type (i.e. to be used for the third-most frequent time during the event) that your artwork will incorporate, according to the flame classification definitions above:

Our camp is not hosting a Mutant Vehicle or applying for registration.  If you our fellow campers do have a Mutant Vehicle you intend on registering, please discuss this with us beofre the application is due.

The Placement Questionnaire Requests a Statement from us regarding Acculturation. Read it here by clicking.

The Placement Questionnaire Requests a Statement from us regarding Interactivty. Read their statement about Interactivity here .  Read our statement (so far) by clicking here.

Our Camp has no plans to offer or include the following

        •  Amplified music (more below)
        •  Amplified sound (more below)
        •  Drum circle
        •  Structures over 15ft. feet high
        •  Holes dug in the playa
        •  Massage
        •  Performance stage
        •  Piercing
        •  Pool
        •  Public kitchens
        •  Pyrotechnics
        •  Scaffolding
        •  Showers
        •  Tattoo
        •  Activities for mature audiences


There are many ways a camp can be interactive, here are some of the ones we mights offer want to offer

        • Might have some small 24 Hour Interactive Elements. I thought we might offer reading and printed info 24 hours a day.
        • Acculturation for First time Burners. Not sure what we could do here formally but maybe.
        • Action for Reward. We could give reward for best DIY project on the playa
        • Chill Space. I think we will build a chill space
        • Collecting Data. We might collect each other’s do it yourself instructions.
        • Education Based: Definitely teach others how to doa project.
        • Gifts Given: A workshop I want to offer includes a gift.
        •   Environmentally conscious . I think DIYers can be very environmentally positive for the earth.
        •   Scheduled Events, Workshops
        • Primarily Day Time. I imagine we’ll be most active as an interactive camp during the day.

Number of members

We are not sure how many members we will have at this time.I believe we have 9 confirmed members. I am hoping for 20.

We will need to know the number of cars and vehicles we will have at the camp, please fill out the survey I will send.

Please tell us about any you are bringing that will impact the set up.

I do not image we will need to arrive more than 1 day early

There are a few early arrival spots available so let us know if you would like to arrive early to help with set up.

We do not imagine we will have any Heavy Equipment Use.

If anyone is interested in purchasing a year-round storage container, let us know.

Camp DIY will not be wanting year round facilities for construction or be providing water for communal benefit.


We will not be trying to get Esplanade placement.

The Following is the Burning man description of other placements.  We will be surveying our members for their opinions on preference in the coming weeks.

3:00, 4:30, 7:30 and 9:00 Avenues:

These are high visibility & traffic locations on the radial streets.

        • Located within the city limits.
        • This is for fun interactive camps without need for Esplanade frontage.

Center Camp:

        • Visually interesting
        • Theme-related is a plus
        • Activities and events for ALL AGES
        • Demonstrating Burner ethos
        • 24 hr activity, but quieter at night time

The 3:00 and 9:00 Plazas:

Highly interactive & service oriented camps placed to create mini civic areas.

The 4:30 and 7:30 Plazas:

Smaller plazas positioned deep in the city. Camps that can serve to anchor these interactive avenues as destination points.

Download the Current BRC Placement Zones (PDF)

Camp Logistics Information

We will not be planning for the following:

        • Sound Amplification
        • Stage
        • Large Crowds
        • Big-Name Performers

We are not presently aware of having any preferences against camping somewhere.

We are not presently aware of having any member with special needs.

We will ask all member to let us know if they intend on using any Alternative power.

All members will inform us of their intention of using generators on the playa and will tell us what fuel they will use and how it will be stored.

All members will inform us of their intention of bringing and storing extra Vehicle fuel: How much and how it will be stored.