Camp DIY


A Burning Man Place to Celebrate the Desire to Do It Yourself!

Camp DIY


The Burning man Camp Application asks is to:

Please  describe your Camp’s  concepts and goals, philosophy and plans for personal interaction with the community.

Camp DIY’s Answer… so far:

Camp DIY sbeleives that “Do It Yourself” is so much more than a phrase describing people who like to do hobbies. We recognize that it describes an empowered attitude and approach to life.  DIY activity is gathering strength as we connect over the internet and information becomes more and more available.

This knowledge is giving us more informed choices on how we want to spend our time and money.  We realize there are some things we can do better than a corporation.  We can look up ingredients in products and choose whether we want these kind of ingredients in our lives. For example, we can find out how bubbles are put into water and decide we want to build own soda machine. Perhaps not revolutionary sounding but I doubt Coke and Pepsi really want us to know how easy and inexpensive it is to make our own instead of paying $1.98 for a product of bottled and shipped flavored sugar water.

Do It Yourselfers find ways to take back some of the our power from big corporations and it feels SO good it can be a little addicting.

I was hooked by my best do- it yourself success, deodorant.  I used to buy at least 1 stick of deodorant a month for home. I often bought extra to carry in my purse. But I hated the way most deodorant would smell after a few hours, I disliked the waxy white residue, I didn’t like the way it embedded into clothes. Plus, it is pretty expensive (what is it now, 3.99?). Not to mention some concern about what impact the chemicals might have on our bodies over years of exposure. I’d tried the crystal but when that thing failed, it failed! I can’t remember what prompted me to make my own but I was sure it wouldn’t work. However,  it did work . It worked better than any deodorant I’d ever had. It smelled better, didn’t get “old” smelling, worked longer, was easily brushed off clothes, and was a fraction of the cost. Plus, it contained only familiar ingredients and was incredibly easy to make. I thought, if deodarant is this easy. good and cheap to make, what else is.  What else have I been thinking only corproations can make?

DIYers aren’t willing to beleive that companies necessarily make products better than we can, or even cheaper.  We recognize that some things are better if we build it ourselves.

Camp DIY is dedicated to the opportunity to share of our experiences, both our failures and successes, in order to learn and be inspired by others.

We also want to empower others as much as we feel when we do it ourselves.  In order to spread the word about the power of the DIY attitude, Camp DIY will:

  1. Build a shade structure that will provide a rest and relaxation area for all. Camp memebers will be there to discuss DIY projects or philosophy.
  2. The Shade area will be equipped with information, how-tos, and examples of Do It Yourself projects.
  3. We will bring books and provide hand outs for people with instructions on doing projects.
  4. We will hold workshops where attendees will be able to leave with a skill or item they made themselves.
  5. We will also hold a show and tell where memebers and attendees can “show and tell” their favorite projects.
  6. Give an Award to a project on the playa that represents the best DIY project.