Camp DIY


A Burning Man Place to Celebrate the Desire to Do It Yourself!

Camp DIY


The Burning man Camp Application asks:

As the Burning Man event and culture grows, we are all challenged by demonstrating our values to the newest members of our community. How will your camp meet this challenge?


This is an important aspect of our camp. We believe that Burning man attracts people with a strong creative streak that breaks free from the status quo. Like Burning Man, Camp DIY celebrates our own abilities and frees us from reliance of things out of the box, built by corporations in distant places. We see a camp that is open to the passerby who might want to sit and chat about their projects or to show their projects for the the playa and at home.  Whether it is building your own soda machine, the best playa swamp cooler or sewing furry clothes, we think the DIY theme is where Virgins and Elders can meet, share, learn equally and to the benefit of all.